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What former clients have to say about Judy Ritts:

"My custody case was probably one of the harder cases Judy had. We had to have a jury trial. Texas is the only state where you can actually request a jury trial for custody. Even though all of the experts were on my side – my daughter (she was 14) wanted to live with me and the guardian ad litem and everybody else agreed – my ex was betting that a Texas jury would never send a child out of state to live with her Dad. It was a terrible week, the week of the trial. My ex hired the most expensive attorney…she spent three times what I did.

"Even though we had all the cards in our favor, everybody in the courtroom was surprised when we won.

"Judy had the vision to always keep the big picture in mind. As a client, I tended to be short sighted, reacting. Judy would sort through that stuff and say 'this doesn't matter, you need to be focused down the road.

"She was good at making sure everything was in order and keeping things on track. When we got delayed, it wasn't her fault. I never felt sandbagged. She is really good at understanding what is important in child custody cases, she has a psychology background that I think gives her an insight into what is important."

-- Rick N

"She's a Tiger. She is really persistent and she is very smart. She helped me out at every step. I was married for 30 years and was coming from a dominating experience with my spouse. My original lawyer left the firm and she took over my case and right away found some oversights of my former lawyer. So we revamped and reevaluated and it all worked out.

"She is so skillful, I watched her with other lawyers and other people and she would ask questions and get information and they didn't even know they were giving it to her. She is strong willed, very personable and a hard worker. Did I mention she is very smart?"

"I felt lucky to have her for my attorney."

-- Francine L.

"Judy Ritts and her team are 100% committed to working hard for their clients. They were meticulous in their work concerning my case and always had the presence of mind to look at my situation and give prudent, realistic and practical advice. This value was reflected through the professionalism they illustrated in terms of the sensibility and awareness of my personal needs, as well as their commitment to find quick resolution to conflict. They demonstrated an open minded, creative approach to working with divorcing families and their children and I would highly recommend using them for your future legal needs."

-- Nicole T.

"I would recommend her to anyone who needed help with child support or something like that. I would say, 'Hey, go with this person, she is so good.' I had never seen a lawyer like her. I had another lawyer before who didn't help me at all.

"She is perfect, she has power. She helped me a lot, helped me to be able to see my girls. She helped me with child support. She helped me work out all of my expenses so we could show them how much I really had, so we could tell them what was going on. Once we set up all the expenses, everything was fine, we went for that."

-- Noe M.

"They did a great job. Divorces are an ugly thing. They were cool, calm and collected. They were really steady. I particularly liked paying less for less-experienced attorneys in the firm. It saved me money and I still got the advice I needed. I thought that was great.

"I would definitely recommend the firm. I have called them for other advice since my divorce and I would absolutely use them again."

-- Thomas M.

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